About Sarah

Born in Korea, raised on the East Coast, and now finding her home in California, Sarah has been on quite the journey.  She has lived 15 years abroad, 5 years backpacking and living throughout Asia, and 10 years in France.

She is a co-creator, an artist, martial arts practitioner, an adventurer at heart, teacher, and also a friend.  

She found yoga in her late teens when she hit a period of  'the dark night of the soul.' Through a deep internal climb for years to find light though a very difficult time healing from all sorts of trauma, yoga saved and transformed her.

Through intuitive personal practice, she healed herself and went on to study mostly in NY, India, and Thailand.  She has studied with many teachers and healers throughout different countries and now shares these findings in the classes she teaches and holds.

Her style of teaching is healing, highly intuitive, aligned physically + spiritually, and she naturally guides her students to find their own truth, voice, expression, and inner knowing.


Here is a piece written from Yoga Garden :