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The Practice

Through the body, mind and soul connection, we have the ability to tap in to the unique treasures within ourselves.  Life being a continuous unfolding exploration, a personal yoga practice  becomes a way for us to  to process, heal and transform our  experiences and ways of being.  

The way we integrate our life experiences, our interpersonal connections, and how we move through the world becomes our way and our art.

Practice can be many things, is always changing, flowing, and  is a different experience for everyone.  How you define yoga and how you weave practice into your own life will be your own discovery.

As a teacher, and also a student, I approach sessions in a natural and intuitive way.  I have taken many years of practice, study, teaching, international travels, and real life experiences into my classes  and teaching.

Yoga practice for me has been my home base.  Teaching is a way to share this gift with others.  

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