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Class Series and Workshop Weekends


Wild Feminine

Heal. Liberate. Empower. Vision.

This is a 4-part embodiment movement workshop where you will tap into your raw animal nature and learn how to transform pain into power.  Together in circle we will heal deeply and harness our internal strength and direct it higher. 

Unveil and honor the goddess within and embrace your particular expression of the divine feminine.  Strong & empowered, she also knows how to soften, receive, and let down her armor.  The essence of her inner beauty emerges as she is deeply in tune with herself, her desires, sensuality, and nature.  She lives courageously, not bound by conformities of society, fully herself, living from a place of purpose and love.


Lifelong tools and practice to ground, center yourself, and find unshakeable inner strength. Learn how to stand and claim you. This is the practice you go to every time you fall, to get back up even stronger, wiser, and even more open-hearted.


Energy Align

Root to Fly. Learn the symbolism and power of each energy center, from your feet to the crown of your head. In this experiential meditation and whole body movement workshop, you will discover the light & shadow of each energy center and bioenergetic techniques to clear, ground, and balance from the inside out. Activate and understand your 7 main energy centers and how that relates in your everyday life. Tune in, align, and be at your fullest. 

Lunar Flow | New Beginnings Ceremony (New Moon)

This workshop | ceremony is always on the New Moon and sets the foundation for the following moon cycle.  In this particular workshop, it will be a New Moon, so we will start new together, collectively in ceremony with new intentions, insight, and vision. Call in what is in your true hearts callings and let that settle & flourish naturally. Throughout the month, the moon moves through 8 major phases. With intentional, harmonious practices, you can flow and be in sync with natures cycles. Once you learn how the moon cycle flows, you can apply these practices to each month.

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